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Hello and welcome to Ripples, the Lakeside Blog page. Here you'll find regular postings on a variety of topics which we hope you'll find interesting and/or of practical use, all lying within the Lakeside Physiotherapy and Ergonomics remit. Enjoy!

Stand and Deliver!!

Unlike the picture of Dick Turpin here electric raising desks are not a matter of legend, they're available now and being used increasingly in progressive-thinking offices. Also, like most tech, their price has reduced in recent years and the cost is no longer 'daylight robbery'. Here in the latest Lakeside blog I examine the many reasons to use them so saddle up Black Bess, ignore the awful puns, and let's get ready to 'Stand and Deliver'!!!


Caught Flat-Footed

Sometimes an injury or problem straddles the worlds of Ergonomics and Physiotherapy and can be used to highlight their inter-relation on a simple level. This month Jason looks at the potential problems caused by having ‘flat-feet’, from both Musculoskeletal and Systems perspectives.


Disc-o Fever

Given ground-breaking new research into the role that infection may play in significant numbers of low back pain cases, this month Jason looks back through the LP&E files to a case that was once thought an aberration, but which now has more relevance than ever. Put the kettle on, draw up your favourite armchair, and read the story of 'Disc-o Fever'.


Exercise and Music

From a personal perspective this month Jason looks at the facilitative effects of music when training or competing.