What is Ergonomics?

Ergonomics is the application of the physical sciences such as anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology (study of movement) with social sciences like psychology to the world of product design and efficient work process. Good ergonomic design should always enhance productivity while safeguarding the well-being of the employee or consumer.

For instance have you noticed how easy it is to navigate this website from both a physical and cognitive perspective? Or our choice of background colour to decrease visual irritation? Perhaps the text font and colour against the background to facilitate visual perception? Finally the conscious decision to use illustration to enhance visual appeal and end-user enjoyment? All of these features are great examples of ergonomic design both in planning and execution that enhance a product and/or some work or leisure process. 


Lakeside Physiotherapy and Ergonomics specialises in Health Ergonomics and in particular a range of professionally executed and bespoke workplace assessments for your company’s needs. Though based in Lincolnshire we have a national focus as exemplified through our work with HM Land Registry throughout England and Wales. 

Drive and focus

Lakeside Physiotherapy and Ergonomics is also a member of the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Occupational Health and Ergonomics.

So although we have unparalleled experience in both basic and complex DSE (Display Screen Equipment) assessments, we can ergonomically assess the full range of facilities across diversified industry as well as providing musculo-skeletal Occupational Health treatment and advice.

Whether it’s to help you identify or assist with known problematic tasks, make recommendations, or carry out improvements in-situ to help your business achieve legislative compliance Lakeside Physiotherapy and Ergonomics will help. 

We’re passionate about our work, completely customer-focused on the minutiae of your problem, pride ourselves on our rapid report turnaround period, and quite simply display an attention to detail that’s rarely found in other ergonomic consultancies.

Why choose us?

As a musculoskeletal occupational health consultancy Lakeside Physiotherapy and Ergonomics specialises in the provision of cost-effective, curative and preventative solutions to myriad local and national companies and organisations. We pro-actively assist in reducing staff absenteeism while simultaneously enhancing employee well-being and productivity.

Research conducted and findings implemented by world-leading companies renowned for their innovation prove that the amalgamation of Chartered Physiotherapy and Ergonomics is indeed a potent combination, and the most effective way to invest in your business, both protecting and facilitating your capital outlay and profit respectively.

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How we can help

Whether it is back-to-work rehabilitation and/or case management strategies for injured or ageing employees, training and supporting in-house DSE assessors, the desire to avoid costly litigation through deficient workstation configurations, or wishing to gain positive engagement with employees by helping them work safely, comfortably and productively, Lakeside Physiotherapy and Ergonomics can supply all of these services to your company regardless of size or type.

A list of satisfied clients

On a national level our current and past clientele include Northern Foods Plc, Anglian Water, Lloyds TSB, The Woodland Trust, Seafish Industries Authority, RBS-Natwest, Direct Line Group and BT. Whereas more locally we've supplied our expertise to Industrial Marine Power Services, Sakata Seeds, Millbrook Healthcare and ITP Engines.

We are a provider of Occupational Health Physiotherapy to Lincolnshire Partnership Foundation Trust, and have performed over a hundred ‘Access to Work’ assessments for Jobcentre Plus in the East Midlands. Of particular note for those looking for office ergonomic services, we have been the exclusive provider of ergonomic assessment to Her Majesty’s Land Registry throughout England and Wales for three consecutive years.

To see how we can assist the profitability of your business and help you comply with relevant legislation such as DSE (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations, and The Equality Act which replaced the Disability Discrimination Act in 2010, please browse through the list of services available to the side under 'Ergonomic Assessments'.

Since different companies have bespoke needs and requirements from assessments, and our ergonomic services can often be mixed and matched it is impossible to provide a detailed tariff here. You may however be very pleasantly surprised by our competitive rates.

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