Physiotherapy aims to restore normal movement and function following illness or trauma using physical, rather than chemical, modalities.

Regardless of whether you're a self-funding private client, referred to us by your GP/consultant, or through any of the number of contracts we hold with the NHS and local industry, you can be rest assured that Lakeside Physiotherapy and Ergonomics has the expertise to assist with ANY type of soft tissue, bone, joint or nerve problem (we specialise in shoulder and foot-and-posture related biomechanical issues in particular).

In relaxed ambient surroundings, and using the full range of physical 'hands-on' mobilisation and manipulative techniques, electrotherapy equipment, advice and exercise, we provide expert assessment, treatment and rehabilitation for :-

  • back and neck pain
  • sciatica
  • whiplash injuries
  • joint injuries and muscle strains
  • tendon problems and ligament sprains
  • arthritic and rheumatic complaints
  • fractures
  • joint replacement surgery
  • work-associated or ‘repetitive strain injuries’ (RSI)

Sports injuries

For the more athletic client we have a wealth of experience and insight into the specialist area of sports physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Whether you have an acute or chronic soft tissue problem, just looking for pre-operative advice or seeking a fully comprehensive post-operative care package Lakeside Physiotherapy can help you back into your particular sporting arena in the safest, shortest possible time.
Lakeside Physiotherapy and Ergonomics is also accredited by the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Sports Medicine.


For those just wanting to relax, unwind and have someone unravel those tiresome knotted spots acquired through everyday work or sporting endeavour, we offer Remedial and Sports Massage to enhance soft tissue flexibility, improve range of movement, and relieve pain and tension.