What Do I Need To Bring To My First Appointment?

To assess or treat your problem effectively an element of undressing may be involved so please bring shorts or underwear in which you feel comfortable. Ladies with neck and/shoulder problems may wish to attend wearing a vest or loose halter–neck top.

X-rays, scans and/or the written results of other medical investigations are always helpful and assist in either diagnosis/prognosis and subsequent treatment planning.

If you have hip, knee, foot/ankle issues it may be helpful to bring along your regular footwear, or if your injury is sports related your athletic footwear.

If you wish to have your treatment funded through personal or work-related health insurance then please bring along the relevant details. Normally you will have a policy membership number, and may also be given an authorisation code from your insurer if you have contacted them to validate your course of treatment. Please bring both with you.

You’re more than welcome to bring a friend or relative with you to your first and subsequent sessions. Private self-pay clients should always allow up to an hour for their first session and ¾ hr for follow-ups.