Blog - 2013.

Hello and welcome to Ripples, the Lakeside Blog page. Here you'll find regular postings on a variety of topics which we hope you'll find interesting and/or of practical use, all lying within the Lakeside Physiotherapy and Ergonomics remit. Enjoy!

The Mouse Trap

Screen based infra-red eye-tracking technology is becoming more commonplace but is still far from mainstream in home or mobile computing. In the interim to move that pesky cursor from pixel A to pixel B we remain stuck in 'the mouse trap'. Sit back, smile and say 'cheese' as Jason provides a snapshot of the humble computer mouse.


Caught Flat-Footed

Sometimes an injury or problem straddles the worlds of Ergonomics and Physiotherapy and can be used to highlight their inter-relation on a simple level. This month Jason looks at the potential problems caused by having ‘flat-feet’, from both Musculoskeletal and Systems perspectives.


Disc-o Fever

Given ground-breaking new research into the role that infection may play in significant numbers of low back pain cases, this month Jason looks back through the LP&E files to a case that was once thought an aberration, but which now has more relevance than ever. Put the kettle on, draw up your favourite armchair, and read the story of 'Disc-o Fever'.


The War on Whiplash

On April 1st 2013 the law surrounding civil litigation, and in particular the schedule for personal injury claims, changed with the aim of reducing the number of (alleged fraudulent) claims for whiplash injury. This month Jason summarises the main changes to legislation and the implications for all concerned.


Exercise and Music

From a personal perspective this month Jason looks at the facilitative effects of music when training or competing.